I Krig Og Kærlighed

135 min

Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic

Danish, German


When Esben flees the trenches of WWI, after three years at the front, it's so he can return to his beloved wife Kirstine and son Karl. But everything at home has changed - A charming German Officer, Gerhard, has done everything he can to win Kirstine's heart and replace Esbens role as Karls father. As Esben's family tries to adjust to his return from the front, the bonds of love and loyalty are stretched to the breaking point in this taut and profoundly moving film. From his hideout, Esben becomes a witness to a horrific nightmare watching his family slowly disappear in front of him as he fights for their love and survival and as he tries desperately to save his family. IN LOVE and WAR is an epic romantic drama, based on a true story.


Kasper Torsting



Rosalinde Mynster, Sebastian Jessen, Tom Wlaschiha


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